race bikes

Our racing-bikes are dedicated to those who want to enjoy pure speed on a smooth and asphalted road. Together with our road-bikes, they are our most technologically advanced, thin, aerodynamic and lightweight. Thin saddle, v-shaped brakes, racing handlebar, ultra-light frame, adjustable for your needs.

Details that does matterr

The bikes used in the rental are selected from the best italian manufacturers, with particular attention to the quality of materials and functionality.


Top performances


Tecnical detail and components

frame fork rear derailleur shifter brakes handlebar wheels tyres saddle weight
Road Alloy 6063 Alloy Monocoque 6063 Campagnolo Veloce Campagnolo Xenon Olmo R340 Olmo Alloy Olmo VITA Vittoria Zaffiro Selle Italia Q-Bik Flow 10 kg

Pricing table

Relax renting Standard renting Discount
1 day (half or full) 60 € 40 € 10%*
2 days 70 € 60 € 10%*
3 days 80 € 70 € 10%*
4 days 90 € 80 € 10%*
each following day 8 € 8 € 10%*

Listed price is for a single bike

* 10% discount apply on all orders made at least 60 days prior to rental.