Our mountain bikes are easy-to-handle and resistant. Capable to controlling any road or path thanks to the compact chassis, smooth gear and massive wheels. Alloy chassis, Shimano disc brakes, 8 speed shifter (push and pull gear), 27.5″ wheels, equipped with the latest generation OnGuard locks. Are you ready for your favourite off-road adventure?

Details that does matter

The bikes used in the rental are selected from the best italian manufacturers, with particular attention to the quality of materials and functionality.

Massive Wheels

Compact Frame


Tecnical detail and components

frame fork rear derailleur shifter brakes handlebar wheels tyres saddle pedals weight
MTB 27,5” Alloy RST BLAZE RL RD ACERA SL M-310 3x8 Shimano disco M315 Magix Alloy 27,5” 27,5”x2.10 Kenda Monte Grappa Bora Xerama SP-910S 14.9 kg

Pricing table

Relax renting Standard renting Discount
1 day (half or full) 55 € 35 € 10%*
2 days 65 € 55 € 10%*
3 days 75 € 65 € 10%*
4 days 85 € 75 € 10%*
each following day 8 € 8 € 10%*

Listed price is for a single bike

* 10% discount apply on all orders made at least 60 days prior to rental.